What constitutes “Publishing ” and “releasing ” in the digital age?

Who to trust more with that grey area.. hmmm fakeBook or A different kind of platform..!
Or a from scratch website hosted terrestrially which wholly encypts and secures my data so that I ALONE HAVE CONTROL OVER ITS AVAILABILITY BOTH WHILE I AM LIVING AND after I am no longer able to control its published and distributed status.

Unpublished, unreleased, apra registered work (circa 2006? I think) I used to think it’s not a bother…I’m very disorganised about my lyrics and chord sheets.

I’ve had a full book stolen from a gig in Eastwood..I think it was probably the host since there was one other player on the night!

I just dropped “letting go” in the bath.. so I’m diarising the picture so the Internet can act like a giant shoebox. Before the texta melts;) it’s stuck to my shower.. backwards.
So if I start singing it backwards you’ll know you didn’t just put your USB in upside down.!. It’s all in the wiring;)

Familiar Games

I don’t envy him, trying to spend time with his daughter should not have to mean him keeping his arse to the wall so his ex won’t be perving at it.
She doesn’t realise just how scary she has become…to my eyes little more than a psychopath, sending trouble to the baby’s family and causing strife.
He told me he was scared of her last week…some of the desperate plots she employed its little wonder he’s worried.
What will the next pass look like? Another t-shirt wrapped in a vomit-making whirl down memory lane!

He’s over you,lady…get a life.

Try getting laid, it’s about time you move on too.

Domestic Violence isn’t Bliss


​​uwe have to face up to domestic Violence in this country.. it’s not something you can sweep up and wrap in newspaper.. just wash the bruises off.. right?
Hearts on sleeves are hard to launder.
You don’t just get over it.

It can crush even the hardiest of souls…

You just live with the marks indelibly carved into your psyche.. you rebuild what you can 

Of your self esteem and say 

Never Again.

Step by step.. you get out.

Day by day

You make ways to overcome it.
But it stays with you, victims, perpetrators.. kids.. who all perpetuate cycles of violence.
Stop the despair

It’s not just a fight

It’s a damn shame.

Be a better example to our kids of a healthy respectful relationship..


Well well well

It’s a mantra, not a typo.
So October  this mental health month deal is getting me down.

I can’t not see

That its just a scam

A community basis for their

Irrational spending cuts.
Me I ended

Up locked in


Pushed over
So I’m different 

But I’m digging in

Deeper waters

Not just waterfalls of pain.


I am a mother of three sufferer of bipolar, spinner of your hands both tangible and folklorist; and where did you see Kay off I will not be far behind it.
I’ve decid

ED space to take a few days for myself to collect my head which is all over the place into my body and my brain having a big spaz oh annoyed angry I didn’t shut up argument with each other.

I wonder if the people you translate series confusion I having a big laugh at me sometimes… I know I am for sure! So this is a blog post, about me learning to post more often;less cohesively, and without regard to so much decency and political correctness that it stops me from doing anything at all.

Hope you

less cohesively, and without regard to so much decency and political correctness that it stops me from doing anything at all.
Hope you like my introductory blog liked the introductory blog
Stay June for the next instalment of chaos in Quakers Hill. I just got a lift in my coffee