About ConfessionAndDenial

My name is Trudy Newell and I live in the wonderful western suburbs of sunny Sydney, Australia.

I am a mother of two, suffer from Bipolar Disorder, and am hectic ally creative (just ask my husband!).

I write songs, which I have been doing since 2000, although I’ve been singing ever since I could make sound. I also love to create mixed media art, using pastels, paints, polymer clay, beads etc, if its crafty, ill try it.

Over the last three years I have combined my love of colour with patchwork and quilting, I love this art form predominantly because it gets used, rather than getting put into a box or portfolio.

I’m also a self taught hot process soap maker. I started making soap because my daughter and my husband have sensitive and eczema prone skin. That and I loved Lush Karma soap but was too stingy to buy it! I have probably spent more on soap since I started making it, but we’re soap snobs now and won’t go back to commercial soaps.

I am also in a band called Confession And Denial, playing original music at local venues around Sydney . We have recently launched a new local platform ( soapbox) for Songwriters called The Creative Collective

The purpose of starting this blog was to create tutorials to share the knowledge I have gained over my adventure of life. I have been a writer since my imagination and a pencil collided when I was seven years old, and I consider myself a pretty good teacher, so let me know what you think.

I know that some Mood Management Issues may from time to time occur in my life, and I have decided to let them occur on my blog as well. I think that being honest about my mental health issue may one day help another to come to terms with their own, so while you may think its over the top to let it all hang out, I believe that the more I am open and honest, the more true to life the blog will be.

I am fairly new to blogging but I noticed my Facebook posts getting longer and longer, and figured they really should be on a blog instead.

So, welcome, if anyone ever reads this it will probably be a miracle, but here goes…


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