What constitutes “Publishing ” and “releasing ” in the digital age?

Who to trust more with that grey area.. hmmm fakeBook or A different kind of platform..!
Or a from scratch website hosted terrestrially which wholly encypts and secures my data so that I ALONE HAVE CONTROL OVER ITS AVAILABILITY BOTH WHILE I AM LIVING AND after I am no longer able to control its published and distributed status.

Unpublished, unreleased, apra registered work (circa 2006? I think) I used to think it’s not a bother…I’m very disorganised about my lyrics and chord sheets.

I’ve had a full book stolen from a gig in Eastwood..I think it was probably the host since there was one other player on the night!

I just dropped “letting go” in the bath.. so I’m diarising the picture so the Internet can act like a giant shoebox. Before the texta melts;) it’s stuck to my shower.. backwards.
So if I start singing it backwards you’ll know you didn’t just put your USB in upside down.!. It’s all in the wiring;)


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