Getting On With Things

So i had to Music downsize Due to pregnancy.

Just when everythingūüėé started getting rain and arranged for proper recording‚Ķ Spewing literally.
Instead I spent nine months really ill; then six hours in a bunch of pain, separated from my new born who was in the neonatal intensive care unit or NICU, while I was in recovery.

Took them four hours to let me go see her due to the fact that there was no wardsperson to take me and I was stuck in bed. I had to have a cesarean section with my daughter PTSD and labour do not mix well.

trudy newell


Fiona-Rose @  10 mths old

Fiona-Rose, my best work

BOOK: Making More Milk

great resource for breastfeeding supply building, going back to work etc.

I was. In absolute agony due to having cesarean section and tubal ligation at¬†to same time which was 10 years overdue‚Ķ Don’t get me wrong I love my daughter and I wouldn’t change it for the world but it really really talking big huge toll on my health and I think it would’ve taken about five off of my life to carry the pregnancy in all this pain

I managed to breastfeed her.. Four months, my main support was my husbands daughters mother.. His ex partner!

Next post will cover breastfeeding, with bipolar and depression. Have you experienced pregnancy as well as mental health issues? Comment below and please speak out for mothers in distress who aren’t diagnosed.


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