It’s All Original.. If You Want To Be Semantic About It

Okay folks, you may or may not know of the local debate about the pub rock/covers scene vs Original Live Music. So here’s the general gist of the guts of it so far..
The Jam nights that are around my area are mostly blues/ jam style nights or acoustic nights, at which we hear the odd song or three that’s an original work by the performer and the rest is covers. That’s cool, I believe that all music is equal ( I can hear the booing and hissing from here! Almost feel the eggshells crack over my exposed face!) I love music for its universality.. Almost everyone ever born has made rhythm or melody at some time on this earth. And apparently the angels are singing all the time. I think that music is the breath of expression.. I believe each expression to be equally valid, and if you’ve ever been exposed to experimental jazz (Glass I think Henry Glass.. Ill update later) you will know that music is fluid and dynamic and.. Everywhere! Listen to the rhythm of the trains as tracks are clacking on beneath you next.. Put some random people watching thoughts on paper. Hear the high frequency cycle hum of the flouro lights how they flicker and groan when the train takes a bridge… Listen to those five people hearing only their phones and seeing the guilt in their fridges from the night before.. That is music, music is everywhere!!

I am a writer and I think it’s the most cathartic experience you can have, writing a song. Or singing the blues , or whatever really floats your boat.

But apparently, somewhere along the line, people started to believe that no one wanted to hear original music in pubs. We have a prolific and wonderfully diverse bunch of writers..( a Collective of Writers I think!) right here who are trekking into the city to play their tunes to dwindling crowds of mostly strangers. That almost prevents us from developing a local crowd. And I have never actually invited my guests and fans to a jam night.. We see them as live rehearsals. Unless I know it’s a concert or show I don’t take the publicity push I do for the invites. I don’t walk around all day telling everyone I meet that I’ve got a gig.. And I don’t put up posters. I just get up, play four songs then go on home.

So people are practically saying that original songs are not as good as covers and we shouldn’t subject our audiences to them, we should fill our sets with covers and try slipping in a few originals and hope nobody notices.
To that I scream loud and long, then I ask ” would you have preferred the Angels or ACDC or INXS to play mostly covers in between stick just one or two originals?” Where will the industry be for songwriters and how the hell would we ever get good music if we don’t let it be played live! I believe a song isn’t complete until you get a sense of it live and find out what works and what doesn’t.

So I tell myself we can do something about it. The Creative Collective’s main aim is to help create spaces for Original Live Music within Western Sydney and The Hawkesbury. We will help revitalise local vigour within both the musical community and the general public. We will remind the Venues of our rich heritage of Original Live Music, we will help create the buzz Local Songwriters will use to spring into life in Venues and Spaces everywhere! I believe there is more to musical life than covers, I love playing some of them, but if I didn’t keep writing and playing, I would lose something of myself.. And I like this ( bull-headed, egotistical, confident and outspoken) part! I know it needs tempering by my quieter side, and sometimes I get it wrong, but who doesn’t !



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