Poem/ fanplastic

The ladies fantastic with faces of plastic
Make changes so drastic they mix and they match
Their expressionless smiles are so unreadealistic
Impossible cheeks sit by lips pouting spastically
They may defy wrinkles as logic stands idle
But I’d rather not feel responsible for looking Ridiculous
I didn’t pay for it at least I was born like this
Not sculpted insanely by some jolly
Hollywood cut and paste specialist
I’m just an unfortunate product of dodgy genetics

How would u like your chin today ma’am?
If I just shave some of those bones away
Won’t you look grand
Would you like a bit more cheek while I’m there?
Lets tailor your eyelids a little to match with your hair

That’s a wonderful nose but it won’t match your ears
Let’s try trimming those lobes and sew this bit up here
Yes I could change your arms more dramatically
Vera has biceps where once she had batwings
And check out her glutimous maximus now it’s been minimised
We used the leftovers on her liptacular smile
Guaranteed we ll put a smile on your face
Nowadays we can put one anyplace we please

We’ve got the experts if you’ve got the money
We’ve got comprehensive insurance
If you end up looking funny
We’re sure we can give you the beauty you crave
If you don’t end up in a post operative grave


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