More Writing, Less Napping

So, if you’re having a great weekend I applaud your efforts.. I haven’t the energy for it myself.

This is the blog post you would not be reading if I hadn’t pledged to publish every day this November, so I promise I won’t be offended if you stop reading here.. But for the masochistic among us, here goes nothing.

I planned to sleep in all day to day, but it was impossible to resist waking up for a phone call from an old friend.. By then I was on a roll.

I also couldn’t stop playing Kitty, my new guitar, she’s so nice and shiny. I wrote another new song, about that feeling you get when your better half starts acting all aloof and distressed; EMO is so last decade! You know when you’re not sure when the bucket of blood is gonna start pouring down on your head and it seems like this happiness was all a setup.

I used to have to get up to my elbows in emotion before I wrote something, now I don’t let my psyche get so bent out of shape. Part of the precepts of self care is to gently challenge your self with things.. Having a subtle exposure to emotional states that can be easily managed or alleviated and practising the come-down in a more controlled manner can give you enduring resilience and useful tools and cues to use in a real ‘code red’ situation.

Another thing is sleeps. Naps may seem like a luxury to modernised man, however for those with mood disorders and mental health issues, short naps can provide a stabilising breath of calm and solitude, indeed, even sometimes proving integral to a competent management strategy. Decompress.. Take a nap.. Tell em Trudy has prescribed a mid-day siesta of sensibility! They will thank me later and so will you!



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