Another Inspiring Day

I’d better not try having too many in a row or I might trip my brain’s Imminent Success Warning System.. You know, that part of your psyche that’s all shy and undeserving.. That uncanny knack my sense of self-sabotage has about pulling the rug out when I’m going hell for leather.

I’ve learned that its best to employ a little self-trickery here… Just pretend you know you’ll eventually give up, fail or be humiliated.. That its not really a big deal anyway and don’t get too excited! Here comes the hard part of this maneouvre, applying sustained effort and interest to produce a viable result while you’re pretending you won’t amount to much.

Sound tricky? The plus sides and minuses of possessing a unique set of mental health issues! Hah!

So I’ve gotten two interested venues, one promoter, and two sponsorships, plus a meeting with Council.. Not bad for a few inspired days of sustained effort, huh!

Hope everyone else has achieved some goals today too! See you tomorrow.


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