The Creative Collective

Excitement slightly unravels my brain! I’m buzzed because I’ve called in some great support for our new Community Project, The Creative Collective.

Here is the introduction / blurb;

I’d like to take this chance to let you know about our new pet project, The Creative Collective. It is a page on Facebook, but more than that, it is a part of our wicked plan to revive the living, writing, beating heart of Original Live Music in the Hawkesbury and Western Suburbs.

We would like to remind people who are priveliged enough to live in the best part of Sydney of the rich heritage of Original Live Music in our area, and the exciting profusion of Songwriters and budding creative geniuses at their doorstep. We will write, play, create and inspire and encourage others to explore and develop their skills and craft of composing and performing Original Music. We will create opportunities for artist development by exploring new venues and avenues for change in the industry locally – getting songwriters onto Stages in Venues Near You. We will not stand by and let our talent leave us for the city.. We hope the city shall come to us! And we are building it!!

We would LOVE for you to join The Creative Collective.. Be a part of the crusade for change, help keep the flame of musical artistry alive and let’s pass on a decent torch for those to come. I believe you can not write music in a vacuum, our works develop character and definition in the process of performing, so help us make it happen.

Any songwriter or musician can join The Creative Collective, it is free, and I will be using the member numbers for leverage to open venues and potential community resources for use in our aims.

Your comments, suggestions or recomendations are welcome! Please feel free to pass along this Invitation to anyone who may be interested, and keep The Creative Collective in mind also for any students or youth as well, young or young at heart, where there is opportunity to get out and play, we will seize it!

So now I’ve got a few calls in to council, about booking the village green for a concert. I’m waiting on a call back from the director of the Blacktown Arts Centre to see if I can organise a gallery event, and an appointment most enthusiastically made with my favourite local music store to discuss support for the project. Original live music is going to paint the town audible rainbows when I get started! Now just have to relaxedly reassure myself of my mental stability and get over this flu.

Oh, and I had a lovely and encouraging chat with our national arts funding council in which I was delighted to discover I have made a great start for the requirements of the funding proposal. Fan blooming tastic I reckon!

Now to write mission statement and press kit, blah! Too excited to write straight!


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