Sick and Feverish.

I have determined to stay sane this November. This time of year is always my danger-period for mania. I’m really hoping to stay on the planet, but I’m not going to put absolutes on it, because as soon as you do that, you invariably try waaay to hard and fall into the ground at a painful tilt.

I’ve also succumbed finally to this flu.. I’ve been staving it off for a whole week coz I had musical commitments.. Recording etc. it was a creative couple of weeks in which four new songs have been birthed and developed.. Awesome ! And an idea has germinated and started to spread its roots slowly through the earth.

Staying well mentally when I am physically quite ill remains a tricky business for me.. And drifting is the only solution with long term results.. Just being kinder to yourself and allowing the whingy arsehole bad- tempered and lazy sleepy sloth side to air it’s grievances for a little while can help restore the balance of ego.. It’s like probiotic supplements for the psyche! Trust me.. But try it for yourself! Just remember to sublimate the sloth self before it decides how much it liked coming to the fore, again, a tricky prospect.

Sanevember.. We’ll see!


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