Oops.. No title!


So I found out three days too late about NaBloPoMo.. And since I’ve always missed out on being sane enough to do NaNoWriMo, I’m jumping on board.

So long as you take my three days worth of today’s post as begun.. You’ll be hearing from me every day this November. ( That is, if I don’t fall off a tall building or run out of Internet…)

I will start with the most stupendous announcement I’ve made since I fell pregnant.. I’ve helped to create The Creative Collective, a community group which aims to discover and inspire local songwriters and get them onto Stages in Venues Near You.. Maybe not near to my overseas readers, but here in The Hawkesbury and Western Sydney. We’re about creating spaces for original music creators to grow their music, it’s kind of like gardening, but a lot more work! You get to walk away and let a plant grow.. You never stop growing as a songwriter, and your songs are friends, lovers, children.. Memories. Wearing your heart on your sleeve on stage can be challenging, and it takes a lot of encouragement to fragile egos to overcome the nerves! But it’s fun to play, and there’s nothing better than bringing someone to tears, or hysteria.

Speaking of hysterical laughter.. My band Confession&Denial did some recording at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) studios in Surry Hills on Saturday. It was Fubar from the start.. Drummer had no cymbals, I only had half my voice, and I got so stressed out! By the time we got set up I was so tense my guitar fretting was all over the place and I was strumming like an epileptic on acid.
I usually enjoy the finely honed skills employed when recording vocals and laying stereo vocals takes a bit of skill.. Love putting harmonies over my melodies too , but we didn’t have time for that . 😦 I was a very sad panda.

But it was a free practise session to help teach students at SAE how to work a studio. They must have got a few skills in dealing with difficult prima donnas that day, coz that, is unfortunately , what I was… Take two?

I’ve also been spinning yarn galore… Photos will phollow..


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