Hippy Hemp Leaf bag


I was feeling a little blah again today, so I thought something to make me smile was just the ticket. I know there are lots if great applique motifs out there, but of all the plants leaves and flowers I have not seen a hemp leaf.

So here is how to make your own.

You will need;

Freezer paper
Material green scraps for leaves,
Background piece at least 2 inches all around the size of your leaves
Plus the same amount for the back of the bag
Starch, spray or made up, to spray material to paper stiffness
Polyester and rayon decorative thread
Sewing machine with new Topstitch needle
Scissors for paper, and fabric scissors


you will use a sharpie or other permanent marker to draw half of your pattern onto the folded freezer paper.
Flip it over and trace the other side of the image. Cut out all the leaves and fuse them onto the fabric with a warm iron. The waxy side of the freezer paper should be against the right side of the fabric, so that we can leave the templates on the shapes to use as a sewing guide.20130804-150935.jpg

After you cut out the fabric, making sure to leave about 1/4 inch around the shape for that frayed edge look.20130804-150950.jpg

if you have applique glue you could use it here to hold the leaves to the background here, I just stole my daughters glue stick, but you just have to sew the leaves to the background using a straight stitch around the templates close to the edge of the paper shapes.20130804-151001.jpgOnce you have stitched them on, peel off the freezer paper, and rethreaded your machine with decorative thread to embellish the leaves with veins.






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