An update on Elf Stars quilt

So I’ve been a bit exhausted and under par for the last two days, but I managed to baste together the huge Elf Stars Quilt with the patient assistance of my other half, Danial . It would have been impossible without help, as I couldn’t even reach the floor that day. I chose to spray baste it lightly and then quilt along the row ditches and border. I know I’ve probably caused myself a few problems by not pin basting it as well, but so far it seems fine, just easing it out as I go along. Here is a picture of some of the Superior Threads King Tut Cleopatra Cotton quilted around the plain black block sections.

I ordered it a few weeks ago from Punch With Judy along with some BottomLine Thread and Superior Titanium Coated Topstitch Needles. I must say they are a dream in combination, and the BottomLine makes quilting with metallic thread a breeze. This special bobbin thread is my new go to troubleshooting thread as well, because it seems to play nice with any threads I choose for the top.

There is a awful long way to go in this quilt, but it’s an inspiring project and I couldn’t stop myself from colouring in all that pristine black background with thread. I think I really didn’t have the physical energy to quilt today, if I would’ve been disciplined to wait till I felt better it could have been a lot neater.

But it is what it is, and I will do more tomorrow, ( which is really today because I fell asleep before I could finish this post last night!)

Have a sunny day!


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