Learning things “The Hard Way”

How many times have I run screaming the other way when one of life’s little lessons comes knocking on my solid brass head?

I’m sure I’m not the only person out there that finds taking advice difficult, giving pointers seems to come more naturally than taking a hint or two does for me. What about you?

My son is seventeen now, and I seem to be annoyed most when he shows my character flaws in his own behaviour or attitude. I’m careful most of the time to ensure my reaction to him is not coloured by self loathing ( probably a strong word for it, but presently it fits my state of mind very well!) however, not always successful. I wonder what he thinks about me, and whether he will learn from my mistakes or do it “the hard way” as I am prone to doing.

On a lighter and more inspirational note, I have decided to add some serialised fiction to my blog, so keep an ear out for upcoming story posts. I have a few dozen story outlines and beginnings tucked away in old scribble-covered journals somewhere, from back before I gave up on being disciplined enough to finish a novel and started writing songs because they were quicker, and you could sing them at people on the street. It’s a little more challenging to read at people! But now that I have a platform for it, I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a go.

Also coming up in the next month or so will be a poetry section to contain my back catalogue. I used to have an account on some writers website, but I’ve no idea what it’s called anymore as I had a five year hiatus from the Internet last time I had a severe manic episode.

If you are interested in hearing some of my original music then head on over to tripleJ Unearthed website


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