Suffocating in Quilt

What was I thinking? The Elf Stars Quilt that I’m making for my daughters birthday (on the 21st August ) is almost unmanageably large for me. It fits her single bed mattress. I am finding it really hard to squeeze my arm in to guide the quilt smoothly, and I am afraid I will not be able to create the intricate quilting patterns I had planned for it. I was going to use my Vincent variegated nylon and the king tut cleopatra to quilt multi heart feathers into the black blocks. I should have done the hearts as embroidery or quilted it in smaller pieces.

Actually, although its a bit tiring, the freemotion part wasn’t as hard as the ditch quilting using the regular presser foot .

I was very happy that I had watchedthese wonderful YouTube tutorials about freemotion quilting. It really made a difference not having rolled the sides of the quilt, just gathering them accordion style to fit through the machine. Mine has such a tiny throat space , the extension table made it look much larger in the shop. I love the machine though. Very reliable. It’s a Singer Stylist 9100 and I got it from HobbySew in Kings Park reduced from $899 RRP to $500. Bargain. It’s two models more advanced than the Janome that I went there to buy, and it’s got a five year warranty. It gave me a bit of schtick in the beginning, you know the getting used to a new machine, but it will sew almost anything and apart from the top tension dial there is nothing you need to do except double check the bobbin hasn’t come unthreaded.


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