Elf Stars Quilt


So, the last few days I have been having trouble getting motivated. Life has presented a few challenges, my sewing machine has been giving me tension headaches, and I’ve started to organise my daughters eighth birthday.

I am planning to have a Glam Girl Flower Power Craft Party, making polymer clay flower hair clips and origami flowers, plus a little makeup bag for each of them to decorate with paints, stamps and applique shapes.

So I’m going to make some polymer clay flowers and canes over the next few weeks and ill post some pictures and short tutes for the things I make.

I have yet to figure out how to make a bag, and ill be making twenty five, so ill have to get started on that!

Meanwhile, I have been making a single bed sized quilt for the birthday girl from lemoyne stars using Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler. These are 12 inch Lemoyne Stars, the filler blocks are shot satin in the most gorgeous shimmering purple. Working with it was a bit of a challenge, but I made up a nice stiff starch and made sure to sew them the same day I got them cut out. Another cute quilt that I’ve just about finished is this one, Nice Melons.

It’s for sale, if anyone is interested, please contact me. I saw these cute pigs online, and when I got the fabric and saw the size of the print, and the lecherous looks on these guys faces, I couldn’t help but put them together with the fresh bold prints on these Kaufman watermelon fabrics.

The design is simple, but I wanted to let the fabrics really take centre stage. I ran into a lot of trouble quilting this piece, tried using invisible thread, it just wasn’t my friend. I think the thread choice was my downfall. I ended up switching to the BottomLine thread halfway through, and you can see where I’ve had issues. I had to just get through it and move on, which wasn’t what I wanted for this quilt. I was hoping to make some money for my stash! Oh well, practise makes perfect!

In yet more news, I received my package of victory rayon thread from http://www.thethreadstudio.com.au , and it is beautiful. Had some issues at first with not knowing how fast to sew and shredding my thread, but a new needle, loosen off the tension a half notch and slowing down a touch, and here are the results of my playful adventure…



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