Hello Blogosphere… Here I am!


So I thought it was about time I started blogging on my new WordPress account, and I’ve got just the project to show you . This is really cool to jazz up I your tie dyed fabric. I chose the gerbera a pattern because when I opened up my fabric there were perfectly formed highlights and shadows there already! Awesome, just like that famous sculptor , I think Michelangelo was his name,, i I just looked for what was there already.

So I put in the flower petals first, using yellow and red pentel fabric crayons, then went back in with orange over the yellow flower and yellow over the red flower, making sure my crayon strokes were following the contours of the petals with each stroke. This little tip will add so much definition to your shapes. Then I used the lime green crayon to put in some leaves. These leaves were then “shape ified” using yellow and blue, being conscious of dividing the light and shadow Areas. I was basic about dividing my leaves in half consistently because I wanted my flower centres to be the focus. But if you wanted you could use the shadow and light effect to create more texture on your leaves by using the blue all aroung the edges randomly then yellow in the centres and blend in slightly, with the crayon strokes toward the edges. Don’t try and blend these with your fingers for this project or you will lose that definition we worked to instill in the image, muddy ing the work.



Now finish off the centres with circularly contoured strokes of (in order of application) orange, yellow , black. To make an impression of brown



Catch up with my next post to add even more pizzaz to your painted fabric, but for now, heat set according to instructions for your media, for the pentel fabric fun crayons I used I just set my iron to high steam and used grease proof to protect the iron. You will know when these are set because they kinda melt into the fabric a bit. If you have any unattached blobs of crayon on your print then this is the time to carefully remove them and melt that area a little extra so you catch the remaining blob into the fabric, then it won’t end up anywhere it should not be!



If you we’re wondering what I am going to do with this creation.. Well I plan to cut it into pieces like a good patch worker wants to! Of course! I liked the idea of making a Ricky timms Convergence quilt, one because they are so ultra cool, and because Ricky is a musician, just like me!



I hope you’ve enjoyed part one of this post.


Have a messy, marky, colourful day!!





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